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Hybrid Habits

The Hybrid Hive has spent the best part of a year discussing Hybrid IT and the issues it raises for businesses today. But we noticed one thing was missing: a proper benchmark of attitudes and behaviour towards this approach among IT decision-makers globally.

There was plenty of talk and speculation about how businesses view Hybrid IT, but no one had ever done a truly rigorous piece of research to ask them what they really think.

So we decided to do this ourselves, surveying 1,050 IT decision-makers (ITDMs) from seven countries around the world to get their honest views on Hybrid IT.


  • IT decision-makers (ITDMs) believe Hybrid is the inevitable future of corporate IT infrastructure
  • Majority expect their cloud budget to increase in the next three years
  • ITDMs are mostly focussed on short-term Hybrid IT benefits, ignoring the longer-term ones
  • Security is seen as the biggest Hybrid IT risk
  • There are still significant Hybrid IT knowledge gaps

You can scroll through the full report below, or alternatively download the PDF version as well as our Hybrid Habits infographic.