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Privacy Policy

Use of personal data

Personal data is only collected on the website with your permission. You may be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and other relevant information via a web form in order to enable us to process a request or provide you with information or services. Where you enter such information it will be transmitted securely to a secure database with restricted access, and will only be used to fulfil the specific request that you have made.

Where data are collected you will be clearly informed of the intended use.

The Hybrid Hive / Fujitsu may transfer the personal information collected through this site to other countries where we do business, which may not have the same  data protection law as those countries in the European Union. The Hybrid Hive / Fujitsu has taken steps, through its internal privacy policies, to ensure an adequate level of protection in accordance with European data protection law, in cases of transfer to countries outside the EU.

As set out in the Data Protection Act you can request a copy of information held in our databases, or ask for it to be deleted, by writing to:

Lovelace Road
RG12 8SN


A cookie is a small piece of code which is sent from our servers to your computer. It does not contain any personal information and is used to improve the functionality of the website and also to anonymously track user visits, to enable us to improve the overall user experience by making improvements to the website. We do not use information based on your location, IP address, internet service provider, company or other identification data. We may, for example, track the overall number of visitors to a specific page, or record where site visitors are coming from and which search terms were used to find us.

By using this website, you are accepting the use of these cookies.

On form pages, cookies are used to temporarily store data to enable the process of form submission. These are not used for identification or tracking purposes and no data are stored in the cookies after you close your browser. By submitting a form on The Hybrid Hive website, you are consenting to allow these temporary cookies to be set. The same applies to the site search, which temporarily uses an anonymous cookie to enable relevant search results to be returned.

If you would like more information about cookies or any other issue relating to website privacy, please contact us.