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Hybrid Hive is the home for conversation and debate about Hybrid IT, for IT decision makers across the globe.

The concept of hybrid IT is evolving beyond the hybrid cloud into an environment that encompasses multiple cloud models, vendors, platforms and applications. By deploying hybrid IT, enterprises aim to have far greater agility and scalability, as well as better managing the inherent complexity that comes with managing a distributed infrastructure.

But what is the best route for success? That’s what the Hybrid Hive is all about.

The Hybrid Hive takes a deep dive into the topic of hybrid IT, and includes news, views and advice on how IT infrastructure management is evolving and where it is going in the future. We also reflect on how topics like shadow IT, bimodal IT, devops, security and platform strategy impact – and are impacted by – hybrid IT.

Hybrid Hive is brought to you by Fujitsu and its partners.