Happy New Year from the Hybrid Hive team! As we begin another calendar year we wanted to take a look at some of the trends, insights and predictions shared by analysts and consultants for 2018 and beyond.

Here we’ve cherry-picked our favourite from around the world of Hybrid IT – be sure to share on social media as well as add your own with the hashtag #HybridIT2018.

Hybrid IT 2018 Prediction 1 - Forrester

“Private and hybrid cloud spending will rebound after a slowdown, driven by a raft of new-on premises cloud solutions.” – @forrester #HybridIT2018

For cloud it’s a big wide world out there and the opportunities are seemingly endless. For enterprises cloud is no longer an option, it’s becoming a necessity for many workloads.

Hybrid IT 2018 Prediction 2 - Deloitte

“Enterprise machine learning pilots and deployments will double in 2018, powered by new chips and better software tools.” – @Deloitte #HybridIT2018

Businesses have been bitten by the bug for artificial intelligence. After lots of talk, the compute power is now here to start bringing these applications to life at an enterprise level.

Hybrid IT 2018 Prediction 3 - Forrester 2

“Zero Trust security will become even more tightly integrated with – and integral to the success of – all leading cloud platforms.”  – @forrester #HybridIT2018

As businesses enter increasingly hybrid states, the level of complexity becomes more difficult to manage. It means zero trust security architectures will play a more important role than ever before to limit cyber security threats.

Hybrid IT 2018 Prediction 4 - IDC v3

“By 2020, 60% of all enterprises will have fully articulated an organisation-wide digital transformation strategy.” – @IDC #HybridIT2018

This prediction is a bit further into the future but we feel this still holds relevance for this year. Enterprises are at a tipping point for digital transformation, and 2018 will be the year that many more begin to grasp what it means for their organisation in the next five years and beyond.

Hybrid IT 2018 Prediction 5 - Forrester 3

“More than 50% of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform to drive digital transformation and delight customers.” – @forrester #HybridIT2018

The customer is always number one, so ignore the opportunities presented in public cloud at your peril. However, before making any leaps, the big questions of compliance and security should remain front of mind for enterprises.

Do you have any predictions of your own? Leave them in the comments or tweet us @TheHybridHive!

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