It’s time for the latest edition of Hybrid Hearsay – our monthly round up of what’s making the news in the world of Hybrid IT. So, what’s been on the agenda at the start of this New Year?

How do you get the board on side with Hybrid IT?

Fujitsu’s Conway Kosi just might have the answer to this burning question. Writing in Information Age, Conway argued IT decision makers need to have a robust business case, along with the ability to explain wider business benefits. Managing expectations around the process is critical too.

“Digital enablement platforms can enable you to manage the different speeds of IT, while allowing for robust security, visibility across multiple cloud platforms and effective cost management,” he says.

“This helps companies to navigate the hybrid IT journey more smoothly – and reap the rewards both now and in the future.”

For us, Hybrid IT is being able to balance robust and fast IT systems, making both work in harmony. You can read Conway’s full piece here.

Embraer takes off towards Hybrid IT

Managing digital transformation is a major challenge facing many organisations today, and Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer is no different. CIO Alexandre Baulé explains to I-CIO how a shift to a Hybrid IT mindset helped his company rise to these challenges, as well as freeing-up flex for greater innovation.

“To ensure a plane is ready to fly, without problems and as cost-effectively as possible, there is a huge network of support services that have to be perfectly orchestrated,” he says.

“Such processes need to be run with extraordinary efficiency and that can only be accomplished through the application of digital technologies: the ability to use sensors to understand what is happening to every aspect of the aircraft and then trigger actions across your entire [supply chain and support] network synchronously,” Baulé says.

That sounds like a Hybrid IT mindset to us! Read the full interview at I-CIO here.

What’s next for cloud in 2017?

The folks over at Cloud Tech have rounded-up their biggest news stories in cloud for 2016. Last year saw the 10th birthday of AWS, the start of GDPR, and some major acquisitions, to name a few…

But what about 2017? Check out what various experts think the next 12 months have in store for us at Cloud Tech.

And if you missed it Fujitsu’s Brad Mallard gave his 10 Hybrid IT predictions to us on the Hive right here.

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