Spring has well and truly sprung and with it comes the return of Hybrid Hearsay, our monthly round up of what’s happening in the world of Hybrid IT.

So what’s been making headlines in the Hybrid IT world?

Hybrid IT – now a standard enterprise model?

We’re very aware here at the Hive that a Hybrid IT infrastructure isn’t a new concept in the IT world, and it appears others are coming on board too. Why? Because Hybrid IT is becoming a standard enterprise model, due to the digital world we live in. That’s according to a global survey carried out by 451 Research, sponsored by Dimension Data.

But while Hybrid IT is increasing in popularity, there are still many challenges to overcome, the main being that there is no one route to get there. UShareSoft’s James Weir can help shed some light on this with his three routes to migration in Hybrid IT.

Out of some of the challenges highlighted; security issues and migration were included, both of which echoed the results from our Hybrid Habits research last year. As Jason Goodall, CEO at Dimension Data Group puts it: “With data and processes shifting across multiple cloud and non-cloud environments, a new approach to management is called for.”

Is your organisation experiencing these challenges? Read the full report.

Hybrid IT uptake on the rise, but challenges still prevalent

Elsewhere, a report developed by SolarWinds, focused on the different ways IT departments are integrating the cloud and the effect it’s had on their companies and job roles. It’s little surprise to have also found challenges are prevalent in the Hybrid IT world.

According to the study, 58 per cent of those in the UK said one of the five biggest challenges in Hybrid IT was IT skills gaps. What’s more, 45 per cent  felt IT pros didn’t have the relevant skills to help manage a Hybrid IT environment, a similar finding we found in our Hybrid Habits report.

The SolarWinds report also highlighted security concerns were still a big issue for people due to the lack of control/visibility cloud offers.

So will we see these challenges improve in the next few months? We’ll be sure to keep an eye out!

Can you really avoid the cloud today?

So with all these challenges, would the easiest thing be to avoid the cloud altogether? We think not, but Jack Schofield, writing for The Guardian, investigated this question.

He suggests that today avoiding the cloud is near enough impossible: “Many of the things people used to do offline are now done via cloud services. Streaming music, video and TV services are gradually replacing DVD players, standalone hi-fis and MP3 players.” But it doesn’t stop there. As he suggests,  the growth in smartphones, services both commercial and governmental moving to the web and multiplication of computing devices are all making the cloud extremely difficult to avoid, particularly for the enterprise.

“In sum, you can’t avoid the cloud completely, unless you give up your internet connection” he states and that’s something we’re not prepared to do. Read the full article.

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