Tech is ‘more important’ than five years ago for an overwhelming majority of global executives, according to a new survey.

It found execs expect to see greater progress in deploying a range of technologies to increase business agility – with Hybrid IT cited as a key driver of this.

The research, from BPI Network, which surveyed more than 250 global business execs, found 44 per cent are planning to move to a hybrid IT model involving both data centres and the cloud.

It’s encouraging reading for many CIOs who will be looking to implement a Hybrid approach in their respective organisations, and it should act as positive reinforcement for what they are trying to achieve.

The study, catchily titled ‘Accelerating Business Transformation Through IT Innovation’, also found almost nine in ten business line executives are devoting more time to understanding the significance of the technology implemented in their organisation.

As a result these execs expect to see faster ‘go-to’ market times, better business responsiveness, and cost efficiencies as a result of cloud transformation and data centre implementation. It’s all about the hybrid model!

BPI Network’s Dave Murray told CBR: “From the C-suite to operational units, senior managers are eager to see progress in implementing a broad range of technologies that increase their agility, improve customer experience, and make their companies more competitive.

“We believe this constitutes a new scorecard for IT, with greater emphasis on IT’s role in driving business growth and market differentiation.”

However, there are still challenges ahead. The research also points to difficulties in achieving the tech transformation organisations desire.

More than half of those surveyed (52%) said their IT innovation is poor, or narrowly progressing.

On top of this, 58% described their transition as poor or only making moderate headway. And, only 42% noted that their IT groups are doing a good job of becoming a more strategic, responsive and valued business partner. Both of these are important elements of the Hybrid IT ecosystem, and it underlines there is still a way to go.

It also reinforces the importance of the role that the CIO currently has to play in the boardroom. As the benefits of the Hybrid IT model begin to be realised by the wider business, then barriers to innovation will begin to fall down.

If you’re interested in reading more the full report can be downloaded here.

Andrew Davidson

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Andrew has been in tech marketing for quite some time and strangely still retains a keen desire for it. He’s worked in the agency world and the client environment with organisations such as Lucent, Sony, AT&T and Cisco, he’s now Head of Marketing, EMEIA – Business Application Solutions at Fujitsu.


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